Ari Maimon is an EMT and Pyschotrauma and Crisis Response Unit volunteer responder. Just over a year ago, he responded to a call and was so moved by what happened there that he started his own non-profit to assist children.

The non-profit organization is called “When The Heart is One- כשהלב אחד”. The organization gets volunteers to head over to other people’s houses to be friends with that person.

“Just as someone can call the police, an EMS responder of the fire department, no, whenever they are in need of a friend, they can use our phone app and request that a friend is sent over,” said Maimon.

The project is aimed at helping people who are living with loneliness and depression.

“We need to deal with depression because only after we can live with it can we all live together as equals with equal opportunity for all.”

For more information about the non-profit or to volunteer please call: 0509101221