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Open Tent Be Mitzvah is a two-year experience, offered by the organization Judaism Your Way, that is focused on a student’s coming-of-age journey within a Jewish context. It culminates in a distinctive, meaningful “Be Mitzvah” ceremony that helps a student find their unique Jewish leadership voice. Amy Atkins and Amanda Schwartz, two of Open Tent Be Mitzvah’s lead educators, join Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg for a conversation. They explore together what it looks like when B Mitzvah (or, in their nomenclature, “Be Mitzvah!”) is a process that is customized to align with each student’s interests and passions — empowering them to shape Judaism for themselves in the process.

This episode is the 4th in an ongoing mini-series of Judaism Unbound episodes, honoring Bat Mitzvah’s 100th anniversary, and exploring the present and future of B Mitzvah (“B Mitzvah” is a term for Jewish coming-of-age ceremonies, across the gender spectrum). Access full shownotes for this episode via this link.

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