What if B Mitzvahs weren’t so thoroughly associated with synagogues,  but were understood to take place in a rich diversity of other spaces in the world?

Camp Tawonga, a summer camp located just outside of Yosemite National Park and based in the San Francisco Bay Area, offers a two-year B Mitzvah program that brings the magic of camp to the Bay Area (during the rest of the year), and gives students a unique way to approach this milestone moment through community, nature, and experiential learning. Meg Adler, Camp Tawonga’s Associate Director of Bay Area Programs and facilitator of this B Mitzvah program, joins Dan Libenson and Lex Rofeberg to explore what their program looks like, and what it might be able to teach other communities.

This episode is the 5th in an ongoing mini-series of Judaism Unbound episodes, honoring Bat Mitzvah’s 100th anniversary, and exploring the present and future of B Mitzvah (“B Mitzvah” is a term for Jewish coming-of-age ceremonies, across the gender spectrum). Access full shownotes for this episode via this link.

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