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One of the prayers that always struck a chord in me on Yom Kippur is called, “כי הנה כחמר – Ki Hinei Kachomer”.

The words are so poetic and rather profound.

“Indeed, as the clay in the hand of the potter, who, when he wishes expands it and when he wishes contracts it; so are we in Your hand, O You who remembers deeds of the loving kindness; Look to the covenant and do not regard our evil inclination.”

“Ki Hinei Kachomer Beyad Hayotzeir, Birtzoso Marchiv Uvirtzoso Mekatzer, Kein Anachnu Beyodcho Chessed Notzeir, Labris Habet Veal Teifen Layeitzer.”

A song of three stanzas with a musical charm all its own. It is usually sung without words. But the Chassid Reb Aharon Charitonov, a slaughterer in Nikolayev, Ukraine, one of the famous composers of Chabad melodies, would sing this tune to the words of this poem recited in the Yom Kippur evening prayers.

Arranged and Produced by Tali Yess