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Tonight we go into a new Era.

While some might think that since Jewish people go by the Jewish New Year, the secular new year holds little to no significance.

The Lubavitcher Rebbe used to wish people a Happy New year on the solar cycle because that is what the whole world goes by and it holds a tremendous significance.

That being said the past decade has brought many powerful changes to my life.

I had 2 more children.
Sang all over the world.

Worked on many songs. (I am releasing one tomorrow on New Years called “Superhero”. #superhero2020)

Got divorced.

Was evicted and homeless with my 4 children 2 years ago. (1st time I’m sharing this)

Went through many tears, brokenness, smiles, mending etc.

Many times I thought I should quit singing.
May times I saw the worth in continuing and doubling my efforts.

Many times I thought life was over.
Many times I began life over.

Through all this, I am most definitely stronger, wiser and more fearless.

But as the years goes by, quicker than ever, we look around and we see a world that’s in need of repair more than ever.

A world where we are afraid to go outside lest we be beaten up, terrorised, stabbed, mugged, shot, shouted at etc.

And while there is so much to fear, there is so much to be grateful and look forward to.

The Zohar Hakadosh says that right before the era of Moshiach, the world leadership will collapse, there will be no one we can trust in but our father in Heaven.

As we cling on to G-d, the one thing we can all work on for the coming year and next decade is more LOVE and understanding!

Love for ourselves, love for others of all kinds. Love for humanity.

And although we love, we also protect ourselves and those we hold dear!

My new years resolution will be to love more. Understand more. Work harder on bridging gaps and mending hearts while standing strong and fearless.

I have been working on this cover and video for a while since the New Jersey shooting and since then there have been so many more anti semitic attacks.

We as a people, the world over all need to take a stand! Against anti-semitism and hatred of all kinds.

It starts with the Jews. But if the violence continues, it won’t stop there.

Any form of hatred and violence should not be tolerated.

And while we stand up and protect ourselves, simoltaneously we need to increase in love!

“Only Love” can save us!

Cover of Jordan Smith’s Only Love

A huge thank you to
Aliza Efron – Piano and Flute
Hillel Kapnick – mixing, arranging and mastering
Moish Warsh
Shlomo Mehlman for the video.
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