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Some, just for the fun of it collaboration with the gals a few nights before the High Holiday of Rosh Hashana….

I do not own rights to this song, it belongs to my father in law Yehudah Freeman, check out his youtube page! The original was sung by my him and my husband years ago when they had a family band. I wanted to get my husband to sing it with me originally but this will just have to do. The rap was not part of the original song.


We call Him father, we call Him king
and we love His kindness cuz He gives us everything
an He calls us children
His holy nation
and He loves our praises
that’s why I’m singing

Ani Ledodi Vedodi Li
I love Hashem an Hashem loves me

we call Him mighty
we call Him wise
an we know He’s watching
with loving eyes
and He knows our weaknesses
our helplessness
but He always answers when He hears our cries


(Rap- Rochel made up the words in 2 minutes and I don’t have them sorry)

and He gives us the Torah
He gives us the the land
He says He’ll redeem us
each one by hand

All He wants us to do
Me an you
is love one another
do you think we can?