Kol Isha

Written and composed by Esther Freeman (All rights reserved)
Video: Yissi Freeman at Yfilms

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We keep fighting denying the one trues source
We’re choosing refusing the Ultimate Force
And though we’ve known it all along
Maybe we’ve been seeing it wrong

Oh we walk about our daily life
Thinking we’re in control
The lines we say the parts we play
They’re just not our role
So just sit back and let it go
And let G-d run the show

Mentch Tracht Un Gat Lacht
But we keep making our own plans
When it seems like every thing’s going wrong
Its all within His Hands
Don’t let anything get you down
Just remember this one thought
When Hashgocha Protis (Divine Intervention) plays its part
Don’t forget what we’ve been taught

We need to stop trying to run
A world that does not belong to us
Just lift your hands unto to the sky
And stop questioning why