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Since I was young, I dreamed of changing the world.
It’s Absurd, they would say
You’re just a little girl

Forget your childish dreams
You cannot be a Superhero
Grow up and live your life
Walk Away

They keep telling me I cannot change the world
But in my heart I know I’m not just a little girl
I feel this power invested in my soul
and I know I can be a Superhero

I tried to grow up and fast
and forget all my silly little dreams
And listen to what they said,
is reality.

But the void in my heart,
still remained quite a part
of who I am today
and meant to be


Olam Katan Zeh Adam
If I change the world that’s me
the rest will follow naturally
I’m a powerful little girl
and I can change the world

So here I am I’m going to be strong
If I can save myself
I’ve saved it all
No matter what they see, this is the reality
I’m a Superhero and I can change the world
by changing myself


Copywrite Esther Freeman 2013: Song, Lyrics and Tune