This week, we look at one of Israel’s most distinctive communities – the Jews of Ethiopia.
While the story of their rescue from Ethiopia has become a well-known tale of daring, bravery and sheer Israeli chutzpah, there’s far more to know about Ethiopian Jews than this event.

We trace the origins of this group, unpack the different terms associated with the “Beta Israel” (as the community refers to itself), and discuss why there are many Ethiopians still waiting to come to Israel.
We also dive into the whole megillah of who is a Jew, and touch on the difficult subject of racism in Israeli society, as we discuss the ongoing (and sometimes bumpy) integration of Ethiopian Jewry into Israeli society.

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  • Love the story but the presenter and others look more like Ashkenazim that spent a long day in the sun. I know plenty of “real” Ethiopians who could present their story. No disrespect, as the presenter speaks well.