The Jewish people leave Egypt after the Egyptians suffer 10 plagues and finally the Pharoah relents- allowing the Jewish people to leave under the leadership of Moses. 80% of the Jewish people die in Egypt, but the remaining 20% who escape total around 3 million people.

The Pharoah pursues the Jewish people into the desert, cornering them at the sea. A great miracle of the splitting of the sea occurs- the Egyptians are drowned while the Jews cross on dry land.

The Torah is given at Mount Sinai- a low mountain which symbolizes the ability to lower oneself in order to help others.

The Exodus from Egypt and the Revelation at Sinai are form the core events of Jewish history. They form the foundation of all Jewish life.

For 40 years the Jews are sustained miraculously in the desert- manna from heaven, water from a rock, etc. Yet still, they complain and attempt minor mutinies. Some even wish to return to Egypt. Therefore, that generation dies in the desert. The slave mentality eventually kills them, but their children, the next generation will go on. Moses also dies in the desert (though nobody knows his burial place)- as the Rabbis say, the leader is subject to the fate of the generation.