Piers Morgan continues his coverage of the war in Gaza between Palestine and Israel by talking to Dr Mosab Nasser of FAJR Scientific, a not-for-profit organisation that delivers surgical care to under-served patients around the world. Dr Nasser doesn’t hold back, saying his team doesn’t have access to basic medical supplies or anywhere safe to stay.

Piers then moves on to a debate between Professor Norman Finkelstein and Hebron spokesman Yishai Fleisher. Norman says that an IDF invasion into Rafah will mean ‘mega-deaths’, but Yishai maintains that Israel must prosecute the war to the end. After a furious argument, Norman forcefully dubs Yishai a ‘war criminal’ and says he “should be prosecuted under international law.”

00:00 – Introduction
01:40 – Reality on the grounds
03:23 – Dr Mosab Nasser on the reality of war in Gaza
15:30 – Norman Finkelstein and Yishai Fleisher discuss the Rafah invasion
22:18 – A failed war, civilian deaths and Hamas
22:50 – “Israel is killing thousands of civilians, do you accept that?”
24:45 – Norman addresses Israel’s Gaza question
27:28 – Is Israel morally defensible in its response?
29:38 – The laws of war
35:50 – Yishai: “We have a war with Jihad”
43:02 – Norman calls Yishai a war criminal
47:02 – Piers asks Yishai if he believes Gaza is Israeli land
50:00 – Norman and Yishai debate the alternatives to a genocide in Gaza

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