Sung and Composed by: Ezzi Hirsch
Video Directed and Produced by: Akiva Balsam
Song Production by: Izzy Drihem
Executive Producer: Zevy Stock
Camera – Shimmy Rosen
Camera – Mordy Katz
Camera – Akiva Stein

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Special Thanks to!!
Rabbi Genack and the Entire Manhattan Day School!
The Waterbury Mesivta
David’s Famous Pizza
Zev Teitelbaum
Yehuda Winkler
Yehuda Diamond
JJ Ostroff
Duvi Gladstone
Moshe Silver
Yehudah Balsam
Binyamin Ritholtz
Binyamin Brunner
Yaakov Meisner
Eli Halberstam
Menachem Weiss
Jacob Galler
Chananya Hass
Daniel Gewirtz
Dani Shpelfogel
Nachi Zinn
Shalom Hurwitz
Shneur Weinstein
Benny Van-halem
Menachem Krivisky
Mendy Lasky
Moshe Earl
Dovid Levy
Chiam Rozenswag
Menachem Finver
Azriel Soniker
Dovid Halbert

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