Amit Goren Productions present

a film by Micha Friedman, Amit Goren, Ido sela

Direction: Amit Goren, Ido Sela, Micha Friedman
script: Micha Friedman, Amit Goren, Ido Sela
Cinematography and Production: Amit Goren
Editing: Noa Keidan
Original Music: Shay Alon

December 2, 2010 is a date etched in blood in Israel’s civilian history. On that day a hurriedly ditched hookah, left by two teenagers discovered by one’s older brother, lead to a forest fire that raged out of control. Scores of residents lost their homes, a rescue team drove blindly into a deadly inferno, while all around there was a chaos, enhanced by obsolete equipment, erroneous decisions, based on intuition, and heroic acts. A bus carrying 44 prison service cadets, sent in as re-enforcements to aid in the evacuation of a maximum security prison located in the midst of a forest fire, is itself caught in a firestorm on the only approach road leading to the prison on the Carmel Mountains. Nothing works the way it should and almost naturally nobody takes responsibility for anything. “The Carmel Disaster” is the worst civilian disaster in Israel’s history. It took 44 lives, caused the destruction of 30,000 acres in the Carmel Mountains, exposed the malignancies of Israel’s police and fire departments and the grave irresponsibility within the political system. Fire and Rage is a chilling journey into the lives of victims and survivors that reveals how politics and media are part of “passing the buck”, shunning responsibility while recreating new, self-serving narratives, about real events. It is a story that unfolds along two separate chronological narratives, that of the disaster and the other of the aftermath, lasting a year and a half, until the state comptroller’s inquiry is completed and publicized. It is told by a grieving father committed to finding those responsible, a photojournalist who survived the inferno to describe the fate of its victims, and the emotional journey of a widow fighting for structural change within the fire fighting and rescue department, as a justification for her husband’s death.

Israel / 2013 / Hebew with Enlgish subtitles / 66 minutes