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Rabbi Tzvi Kushelevsky, a respected rosh yeshiva based in Jerusalem, joyfully welcomed his firstborn son into the world this March at the age of 88.

Rabbi Kushelevsky experienced the sorrow of becoming a widower at 82, having never had children with his first wife. He remarried six years later to Mrs. Rochel Daniella, an American woman aged 50 at the time, already a mother to several children.

At 88, Rabbi Kushlefsky and his Rebbetzin, now 57, celebrated the birth of their first son together. The joyous event occurred at Hadassah Medical Center in Jerusalem, where the baby was born healthy, without any complications, thank God.

The streets of Jerusalem near his yeshivas were alive with dancing as the community shared in his happiness.

In this episode, I traveled to Lakewood to meet them and to ask them about their faith and trust in Hashem. Oh and to also meet the very adorable Eliyahu (their son).

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00:00 Intro
02:24 Who Are the Kushlevsky’s?
04:36 How the Rav Never Gave Up Hope
07:43 The Doctors Said it Would Never Happen
12:50 CC Raffle
14:25 BitBean
16:05 The Story of Abraham and Sarah
17:57 – Having a Dream About their Son
19:00 Meeting the Rebbetzin
22:39 Smach Zevulun
25:54 Twillory
26:53 The Day Eliyahu was Born
29:46 The Rebbetzin’s Matchmaking
32:03 Advice for Those Struggling
37:06 Outro

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