Tomer Slutsky has been documenting for years his father Shlomo, who discovered in Israel Anibal Gauto, a criminal against humanity in the dictatorship in Argentina that kidnapped, tortured and murdered 30,000 citizens – 2,000 of them Jews, including friends, and also his cousin, Samuel.
Shlomo requests to extradite Gauto to trial in Argentina, but the Israeli government opposes, despite the outrage (BRONCA) that this arouses among Israelis of Argentine origin in Israel. What does Israel have to hide? Accompanied by a sympathetic – but also sober – Tomer follows his father “the Quixote” in his travels around the world. Together they are looking for justice, and maybe also to close a chapter in Argentina that Shlomo left a long time ago, but she never left him

The film won a commendation at the International Film Festival in Haifa 2022, received praise in the documentary competition at the International Film Festival in Warsaw, at the premiere in Argentina and at the Jewish Film Festival at Hanukkah 2022 in Jerusalem. The film is expected to be screened at other festivals around the world.