Gad Elbaz & Hebro Music – Esa Enai

Shir lmaalot esa enai el hehareem
meayin yavo ezri
ezri me’eem Hashem
Oseh Shamayim Vaaretz
Al yitten Lamot raglecha
Al yanoom yanoom shomrecha

head above ground im gettin rewound
im slowin it down
i move too quick and slip and lose a hold of my crown
emotion is potent im tryna find a way to keep floatin
the hole in my boat is the notion
im controllin this ocean
losin my way
tryna get these waves to behave
i think im stayin straight
but somehow end up
in the same place
So I, raise my eyes
esa enai el he harrim
a state of higher bein
know Hashem Yavo Ezri
and even though
i trip and slip
you standin next to me
My G-d is my protection
My Guardian
never sleeps

Go in peace
I know my hope is guaranteed
cant be defeated
so my king
command his soldier to sing


When it seems like you folding
Can’t keep holding
Take a minute Just breathe
The layers of the seed must be broken
keep on growin
Believe and just reach
And When it gets hard
Don’t forget the hope of machar
Just Keep runnin
The sun is comin
Post Aalot hashachar
When you tired and spent
Stop and the sing the song of ascent
And find the strength
To get you back straight
When you broken and bent
Make your fear the enemy
Your Hope could defeat
go toe toe and let your soul control
the flow of this beat
tehileem my power when Im feelin weak
we wont give up
we strong enough
to sing the song of Daveed

Song Credits:
Song written composed and performed by: Hebro Music
Instrumental: Shiner
Recording Studio: Gold Records
cover art credit: capitalmcreative