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“Elvis Elbaz” AKA Gad Elbaz feat. Saul Dreier & Dor V’dor – Hanukkah Jingle
When Writer and Composer Cecelia Margules thought about Hanukkah this year, her reaction was one of empathy; “So many people alone, at home, separated from family and friends. How can they feel the Hanukkah Spirit in lockdown?” inspiring a playful Hanukkah Jingle to bring smiles, warmth, and holiday cheer to thaw the grip of isolation. “If we can’t be together, we can still celebrate together!”

Hanukkah Jingle centers around a young girl who receives a magical gift from her absent grandfather. She examines then “shakes” it. Causing the world inside to swirl to life!
With each “shake” a new night of snowy Hanukkah begins as Jewish Music Star Gad Elbaz, legendary Holocaust survivor drummer DJ Saul Dreier, Dor V’Dor Band, friends, family, and even Hanukkah Elves! fill the young guys not-so-lonely world. Menorah’s are lit, fortunes are made and lost over high-stakes Dreidel Games as latkes, donuts, and gifts abound. Her grandfather’s gift teaches the young girl a powerful lesson while filling her heart with the spirit of Hanukkah.

Directed by Daniel Finkelman.
Produced and Created by Chaya Greenberg.
Executive Producers: Arie Taykan & Sylvia Kahana
A Sparks Next Production