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Hi there, my name is Gadi Fuchs and I am excited to share with you my solo single debut.

As a singer- songwriter, I have been fortunate to create music with my best friends—Lev Tahor—for over two decades.

I recently recorded שיבנה with my son Shmuel, a song we wrote together in the beginning of COVID.

I felt the time was right to debut my single- Menucha.

Menucha, captures the feeling of menucha, a state of tranquility that comes on shabbos. For me, this feeling is most felt when I’m walking home from Shul Friday night with my son.

It’s shabbos. Ahhh.

The restful feeling is a moment we all breathe and exhale as the peacefulness of Shabbos enters our lives.

It’s a moment of calmness, where I can forget about the stresses of the week, and be fully present in the moment with my family and friends.

Writing Menucha was a labor of love, and as I wrote the lyrics and melody, I was transported back to these Friday nights, walking home with my son.

I am so proud of this song and the accompanying video and artwork, which capture the essence of what I love most about Shabbos.


And I hope that when you listen to it, you too will feel that sense of peace and relaxation.

Music has always been my passion, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue creating beautiful music that speaks to the soul.

Thank you,
— Gadi Fuchs

Composed and performed by: Gadi Fuchs
Recorded at/Produced by: Aryeh Kunstler
Video by: Mati Shriki