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The story of this video is that I went into the studio and we were working late into the night on something totally unrelated and Adi said “let’s throw this together” and I said let’s do it! So that’s me at like 3 in the morning, rocking out to game of thrones 🙂
When it’s this awesome, it’s worth giving up on sleep!!!!!

Game of Thrones is an awesome tv show that is based on the book Series by George R. R. Martin and has totally swept the world in its epicness. It’s basically got everything in it, and I don’t know a single person who hasn’t started reading it or watching it and gotten completely hooked!!! The Music is by Ramin Djawadi and actually, in the original, he used entirely midi instruments-entirely created on his computer! Which is crazy because it sounds so good and makes me a little freaked out that robots are going to take my jobs. In any case, the battles between good and evil, and apparently a huge inspiration to the novels was the English Wars of the Roses between the houses of Lancaster and York, and then Martin went and took those names and turned them into Lannister and Stark. I jjust thought that was some interesting trivia information. Thank you for all your different following of me, you guys rock and it is so unbelievably amazing to have such active followers on my channels 🙂 THANK YOU!


Special thank you to Jaybird Choi for his encouragement and enthusiasm (and for being my top Patreon!) check out his channel here:

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