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Thank you so much for watching!!!!! Did you recognize all 4 songs from Game of Thrones???

The AMAZING guitarist featured in this video is Liad Abraham, you can follow him on facebook!!!!!

Game of Thrones Violin and Guitar Medley
I’ve just offered a new Patreon reward, that anyone who signs up before the video is officially released tomorrow at 8 pm, gets a collaboration with me, and I want to extend that offer to all of you, I will be making personalized request videos over youtube in the next few weeks, every week performing a song that one of you has chosen. This extends to all $10 and up patreons ๐Ÿ™‚ And the reason for this new perk? Because tomorrow is my birthday!!!!!!! In Judaism, we believe that you can give blessings on your birthday, so I want to bless every single one of you that this will be a wonderful time coming up for you, and that all the struggles will seem small in the face of your mighty, forceful energy! Struggles are part of life, and it all depends on what your attitude to them is on whether you will conquer your demons or they will conquer you. Anyways….that’s the best i can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have an amazing day!!!!

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