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Music and lyrics by Julie Geller (www.JulieGeller.com)
Music produced by John McVey at Coupe Studio, Boulder, CO
Video produced by TreeSongDate Productions

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Another year has come and gone
Another year is over
The time has come to look inside and wonder
Who it is I was this year
And who it is I meant to be
And why is it hard to say the words
And act the ways that make us feel so free
We do our best as we go, whoa
And there’s one thing I’d like to know:

Can you sense it in the air?
And can you see it in the dust?
And can you feel the angels lifting lifting us?
We’re standing on the shoulders
Of the ones who came before us
And we’re planting
For the ones who will outlive us
And we’re knocking on that door
Knocking on that door
Keep knocking down that door
Hey open up the gates of love
Open up the gates of love

Now’s the beginning of a new year
Now’s the beginning of a new chance
To leave behind whatever makes you
Blame it on our circumstance
Now we can give thanks
Forgive and throw off the chains
Life is a passing shadow
Life is like a dream that flies away
And we can see that every day
So let’s take a chance I say



Sometimes it’s hard to start
We don’t know what to do
Because the world is going mad
We need something to pull us through
We try to hold on tight
We try to do what’s right
We thank you for the good times
And we thank you for the hard times, too
Cuz that’s what makes us me and you
Hold on now, we’re gonna get through



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