Hosted by Michael Kay (Head of The Leffell School, the host organization) and with remarks by Susan Wachsstock, the Chief Program Officer of The Jewish Education Project, this event is essentially a discussion about a massive survey that was conducted to ascertain the attitudes and behaviors of the current crop of Jewish teens, who fall into the new category known as “Generation Z,” which is defined as containing anyone born between the years of 1995 and 2014. The talk about the survey and about Gen Z in general is followed up with the highlight of the program, a useful panel of actual Jewish teens who are proud Gen Z members (their names are: Drew Siskin, Daniel Goldberg, Alexandra Zelman, and Abe Baker-Butler). As the oft-maligned “Millennials” grow older and fade from the spotlight, this new “Z” generation is poised to become the focal point of much discussion in the coming years, as evidenced by this program. The teens discuss their attitudes towards Israel, Judaism, prayer, the news, their approaches to tikkun olam, the stresses of online life, and much more. The panel discussion with the teens is moderated by the CEO of The Jewish Education Project, David Bryfman. From The Leffell School, sponsored by The Jewish Education Project.