“Give us strength” 🎵🎥
Dobby Baum x Chazkeinu


LINK to Chazkeinu Campaign https://www.rayze.it/chazkeinu/
Help Chazkeinu continue their important mission in the mental health world.

Most of the time when I compose a song it just stays on my notebook in a form of sheet music at the ledge of my piano, hidden from the public.

However when I composed this song “Give us strength”, I felt as if G-D was telling me to share it and empower others- that’s when Chazkeinu stepped in and transformed this simple song into something so much bigger- with the help of Shiffy Z, a Chazkeinu sister- she added the perfect lyrics and took this song to the next level.

Mental health is still a topic people especially in the frum community tend to shy away from- even though every 3 out of 10 women suffer from postpartum anxiety/depression. Therefore, I felt even more passionate about sharing this message of hope and support in the mental health field, since I’m a pre-med student, and one day hope to help as many women & girls as I can with G-D’s assistance, as an MD.

So when people ask me the same question on repeat- “How do music & medicine mix?” “How can you Pursue both fields professionally?” Now ladies, you have my answer ♥️ with this song “Give us strength” 🎵🎥