מילים לשיר

I`ve asked the wise,
They say golus is a blessing in disguise.
A greater light follows the night.
But it`s been so long, it feels so wrong,
It`s not where we belong.
Brothers and friends,
We must bring this golus to its end.
Our urgent cries will pierce the skies,
Tell us Hashem, Ad Mosai – till when?
Golus it`s time for you to go, Goodbye,
Bring down the curtain on the show, goodbye.
You`re lasting much to long, no one can deny,
Enough is enough it`s time to say goodbye.
So open wide your prison door, goodbye,
We are your prisoners no more, goodbye.
You cannot stop us now, so don`t even try,
Goodbye, goodbye, it`s time to say good bye.
Father and king,
Everything is you and you are everything.
But the golus lies and blinds our eyes,
Why can`t we see Your…

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