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About two years ago, I went through a time where I felt a prolonged state of extreme sadness. For a while, I wandered around in a fog under a grey cloud. It was as spring was unfolding, and I realized I couldn’t even appreciate the spring colors or scents in the air like I usually do in spring. I was not just sad but also felt embarrassment and shame because of my sadness.

I can’t pinpoint the moment when things started to turn, but suddenly, there was the tiniest shift, a small tug, a crack of light that began to seep in, an ounce of strength to pull me through. It helped me put one foot in front of the other until I emerged as a healthier person.

Recently, I started making sourdough bread, one of the most healing processes for me. It amazes me how the fermentation of flour and water slowly turns into life from thin air, and how the tiniest starter is the gift that keeps on giving, very raw ingredients transforming into loaves of bread. It symbolizes to me how we were created, how we are alive, and how we continue to live and breathe. Even in the hardest moments, the smallest gust of air can give us the strength to move forward. Our healer has given us life every day and provides the tiniest bit of extra strength out of thin air when we need it most.

When I wrote the song “hamerapeh,” I wrote it out of despair. The lyrics didn’t fully develop immediately, but the tune, the emotion, and the feeling were always there. The rhythm shift in the song was my attempt to create a personal anthem of light.

The Hebrew lyrics define the most important message of the song:
Healer of broken hearts,
in your hands, pain disappears,
reveal new waves of life,
and also embraces our sadness.


Lyrics and Music: Bracha Jaffe
Music arrangement and production: Shai Bachar
Lead Vocalist: Bracha Jaffe
Skater: Breindy Ovitsh
Drums: Jamale Hopkins
Guitar: Nitzan Alon
Backing Vocals: Talia Kliger, Katrina Russ, Bracha Jaffe
Hammond organ and synth bass: Matthew Hopkins
Piano and Keys: Shai Bachar
Mix and Mastering: Assaf Spector
Recorded by: Shai Bachar Studios
Video produced by: ADvisuals
Directed by: Yael Bohbot
Makeup: Samantha Marvell
Bracha’s Wig: Tamar Wigs styled by Devori Ulman
Dresses: Esti Haas Bridal


I see colors fade away
Nothing but shades of grey
Take me through those carefree winds
Wash my pain away

הרופא לשבורי לב x2

The shame and pain of a broken heart
I fear not knowing where to start

בידך ‏כאבים נעלמים
גלי חיים חדשים

As the days unfold with grace
I’ll embrace a vibrant space
Let the melodies resound
With healing love that knows no bounds

הרופא לשבורי לב x2
בידך ‏כאבים נעלמים
גלי חיים חדשים
וּ֝מְחַבֵּ֗שׁ לְעַצְּבֹותָֽם׃