TYH Nation Presents –
Happy Clappy –
Moshe Storch & DJ Farbreng

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You know they say the difference between adults and children is that adults will rather be right than happy but a child would rather be happy than right.

Of course children love this song. It is what it is. Just pure happiness. I bless all of us adults that we can drop all our cheshboinos and just be happy clappy with a little chidi bidi bum whatever that means for you.

They say a yiddishe song with words is very deep because there’s always inspiration from the words with a strong meaning with many different interpretations of the words etc. but a worldless tune, niggun is mamash so deep because it just acts as a stepping stool for you to come up with the inspiration that you need from it each to to their own journey.

This song, although it has words, they’re few enough and universal enough that it’s powerful like a niggun. Use it as a stepping stool to tap into your mission, the happy child inside waiting to bust out and thrive.

How many of us feel like we’re nowhere near capacity. Like we have so much potential we’re not tapping into. Let go and let this boost you.

Lchaim happy to the clappy!

Composed by the Blumstein Brothers
Music Produced and Arranged by Izzy Drihem
Video Filmed and Edited by MatiSHRIKI Studio
Moshe Storch Footage filmed by Motty Berkowitz
Directed by Yaakov Galen


It’s simple, really; the more Simcha we bring into our lives leads to more Torah and Mitzvos, which leads to the ultimate purpose, living a life of closeness with Hashem.
This album is all about increasing our Simcha.
DJ Farbreng has mixed and remixed an incredible group of songs, to help us access new levels of happiness and joy.
So if while listening and dancing along, the music leads to an extra smile, a slight chuckle, or a full on laugh, it has unlocked a moment of Simcha for you and it will be serving its elevated purpose in a beautiful way.
Enjoy and Be B’Simcha!

Produced by TYH Nation | Farbrengable Studios

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