Gad Elbaz’ most famous song – “Hashem Melech” – was released without a music video. We are filming the first music video for the song with an updated remix featuring English rap by Nissim and arranged by top dance-pop producers. A impromptu kumzitz performance of one verse of this remix reached more than 100,000 views in 72 hours in October 2015. We are confident that the release of the studio performance and professional music video will achieve over 1,000,000 views, especially because of a distribution agreement we have made with We are confident that the English lyrics, modern pop sound and time-tested hit chorus will make the song a massive success both for entertainment and education.

The video as currently planned will be filmed in several locations in Manhattan, including the city streets, a barber shop, a corporate office boardroom and the roof of 1 State Street Plaza. We will attempt to capture epic drone shots of the New York City skyline and aerial views of the performance on top of the roof of 1 State Street Plaza.

We have completed most of the music production and lyrics, raised £3500 ($5300) from several donors in Manchester’s Whitefield community, scheduled a video shoot in New York City for December 14th and 15th, secured a distribution partnership with, We are planning to film one scene on top of a 40-story downtown Manhattan office building and we have an amazing video treatment.

We have received music-production and video pre-production services pro-bono. In order to complete the shoot we need $10,000 as soon as possible in order to book plane tickets and complete the shoot while Gad Elbaz is in town the week of December 13th. We also will accept kosher food donations for the twelve-person crew.

A share of the merit of teaching millions of people to sing “Hashem Melech,” as elucidated through English rap lyrics and dramatized through an epic, cinematic performance from the streets and skyline of New York City.