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(Video original from @prproductionsnyc2563 here: https://youtu.be/nEdDK0tiGsY?si=Os9Em1isuWvdlmYs)

Another ad for my collection of Hasidic Yiddish advertisements. For this one, I added a bit of a commentary explaining some things. I was really moved by this ad after having worked so long on my Hasidic internet documentary, having learned how Hasidic Jews embrace the internet, and wondered how this new presence online and the 21st-century issue of rampant pornography addiction, would manifest with a community that is so secretive and ashamed to speak of such issues. To my great surprise, this video clearly seeks to bring the secrets up for air so they can be dealt with openly and directly. I am often so impressed by how Hasidic Jews, who are often portrayed in the media as either being completely incompetent uneducated clueless cave-people, or as quietly morally corrupt hypocrites, rise to the challenge. There’s a willingness to adapt, to learn, to change ways, to deal with demons and to stand by family values at the core of this video that I find so moving. Clearly, Hasidic Jews are not just letting the internet shape them but are constantly innovating to deal with how the Internet can devastate families and individuals.

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