Try slowing down the video to follow along with the ad.

Another ad for my collection of Hasidic Yiddish advertisements. For this one, I decided to add a preamble explaining some things. I hope it won’t take away from the ad and it’ll help contextualize things.

This is far from a very fancy ad. It’s just a comedy sketch by the comedian Ari Samet, who is a famous personality and is much loved for his goofball comedy schtick. You can tell this video isn’t anywhere near as fancy as some of the other ads I’ve published (see the Doritos ad) but I like it because it captures some of the diversity within the world. The main character explains all the “types” of shtreimel wearers. While outsiders often think that all Hasidic men look the same, you can see how many different characters this sketch comes up with just based on types of hats. I often think that comedians are the best sociologists – they’re so in tune with cultural nuance, and that’s what draws me to this ad. I also like that I got to explain what a shtreimel kugel is!

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