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Let’s keep them in the air
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An inside look at Hatzalah Air. Help them soar even higher. Open your hearts and give them the fuel they need to perform life saving air transports for fellow Jews across the country.

To those that have already participated, thank you.

#HatzolahAir responds to flight and disaster requests for free 24 hours a day.

#Hatzolah Air and its pilots, medical, dispatch, logistics and support staff are committed to supporting the aviation and disaster-response needs of all the Hatzolah branches worldwide.

Commitment means more than just doing your job – Hatzolah Air’s crew never views Hatzolah as a “job.”

Each Hatzolah flight request is a precious opportunity to help someone, to put a frightened person at ease, to take the pain away, to transport by air when otherwise impossible or unaffordable and often a chance to save a life.

Klal Yisroel’s most desperate fly with Hatzolah Air. Klal Yisroel needs Hatzolah Air.

Hatzolah is an integral part of our neighborhood response and Hatzolah Air answers the call 24/7 when the transport or disaster is beyond the capabilities of a ground ambulance.

Hatzolah Air has answered the calls from most Hatzolah Divisions in North America when asked for help in their communities.

Now is the time to help Hatzolah Air.