After standing In the same cold winter for two thousand years, even the Menorah Is able to speak, In just few words, hear his testimony


איך שטיי נאך דא א קליין מנורה׳לע שוין באלד צוויי טויזנט יאר די זילבער אויף מיר טיט שוין שפירן נישט קיין קעלט צענע נאך צענע איך אנזעלב

Just like a fugitive of war, so many sceneries I swear I’ve seen before. Just like a mirror I reflect all that I know, this bloody river ain’t for show

Will you Light me up, undry this blood I’ve seen so much good people come and gone, who’s gonna light me now? Some kinda hero!!!

I can’t watch the pain that I’ve caused by standing here, watching you light me up, who’s gonna light me now? Some kinda hero!!!

Vocal Production: Menachem Friedman
Mix/Master: Menachem Friedman
Lyrics Written By: Hershy Bleich
Graphics: Avrumy Silverstein –