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The 2020 OurCrowd Summit!

What a crazy awesome day it was! Some guest appearances include Julie Tager Rosenberg, Yaakov Rosenberg, Ari Goldberg, Jes Shiff, Eitan Smilchensky, the legendary Saul Singer, and of course, the incredible MC, Matthew Kalman!

And that was before the event started!!!

Then Jonathan Medved took the stage, did his dance moves, and the rest is history!

Some of the people who I spoke to on camera that day include Miriam Schwab, Stav Erez, Hadar Pode, Eytan Buchman, Alex Oppenheimer, Israel Schachter, Shlomo Michael Sprung, and so many more.

Then my session!!

A shoutout to Liz Cohen and her team for producing a superb event!

If you watch this and don`t feel the energy in the room, see a doctor!

Insane day. INSANE.