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What happens when secular author Tuvia Tenenbom spends a year in Mea Shearim – the anti-zionist Haredi neighborhood in Israel known for shouting insults and throwing eggs at people who visit without the proper dress? Well, for Tuvia Tenenbom it was not what he expected, and not what people had told him to expect. His year in Mea Shearim was full of surprises.

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Tuvia Tenenbom is a character! He grew up in the Haredi enclave of Bnei Brak, which I’ve introduced you to in another video – check it out below to get a sense of the hardcore world he comes from. He left the fold in his early twenties and became a bestselling author and journalist in Germany – with oft-hilarious, oft-controversial views. During covid, he was sent on an assignment to the insular Haredi enclaves of Israel, to the world of his childhood, to write about the experience. He was warned by many people that he’d be kicked out as soon as he arrived. But what actually happened left him surprised, humored, and a little bit in love with the Haredi world.

The result of Tuvia’s time in Bnei Brak is a book and a documentary, both of which I’ve experienced. The book is titled ‘Careful, Beauties Ahead’, and the documentary, which I saw at a small theater in Manhattan, is titled ‘God Speaks Yiddish’. I don’t believe you can watch the documentary anywhere except during limited screenings in various places, but you can get his book!

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