On today’s episode, Ari spoke with the University of Utah’s Dean of Humanities, and renowned historian of 19th century literature and society, Hollis Robbins to talk about the state of the humanities in American education. As Hollis explains, reports of the humanities demise are greatly exaggerated. But just as important as understanding why the humanities are, in fact, flourishing, is understanding where and under what conditions they are flourishing. What lessons can we learn from answering these questions?

In a wide ranging discussion, Ari and Hollis spoke about the religious culture of Utah; secularism’s effect on the humanities; Orthodox Jewish pedagogy; Brandon Sanderson’s novels and AI; Effective Altruism and the collapse of FTX; the Tower of Babel; Borges; Dracula; whether Descartes really understood clocks; TV and book recommendations; and much more!

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