Carl Laemmle is celebrated as the founder of Universal Studios and the architect of Hollywood, but his most significant legacy lies in his heroic rescue efforts during the rise of Nazi Germany.

Born in Germany and a pioneer in the American film industry, Laemmle used his influence to save over a thousand Jews from the Holocaust. Despite facing America’s stringent anti-immigration policies and widespread antisemitism, he managed to secure safe passage for countless individuals, challenging indifference with action.

00:00 Intro
00:37 Laemmle immigrates to America
01:05 Achievements in cinema – star power and Hollywood
01:45 Post-WW1 Germany
02:40 “All Quiet on the Western Front”
04:44 Warning Jews in Germany
05:14 Universal Studios leaves Nazi Germany
05:43 Laemmle begins saving Jews from Nazi Germany full-time
06:06 US immigration policy, quotas and sponsorship
06:43 Laemmle saves over 1,000 Jews
07:20 Antisemitism in USA
08:50 Laemmle’s continued support for refugees
09:22 Remembering Laemmle’s legacy

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