The Hamas attack on October 7, 2023 in southern Israel changed Israeli society forever, but not in the way one might expect. Following several months of internal division and protest, Israelis from across the political, religious, and cultural spectrums immediately jumped into action together, united by the common goal of defending the Jewish people and their homeland.

00:00 Intro
00:34 What happened at the October 7 Hamas attack
01:50 Israeli resilience in the face of tragedy
02:38 Judicial reform protests
04:09 Hamas attack ended protests and infighting, Israelis choose life
05:32 Brothers in Arms and volunteering and donations
09:20 Israeli Arab heroes of the Hamas attack
12:47 The many faces of Israeli soldiers
15:00 History of Haredi Jews and army service
16:02 Haredi women volunteering for the war effort
17:02 Changing Haredi attitudes toward the State of Israel
18:40 Changing secular Israeli attitudes toward Judaism
19:20 Weddings, matchmaking, births, and plans for the future
21:20 Global unity against antisemitism
22:21 Closing the distance between Israelis and Diaspora Jews
24:03 Jews and Israelis are a family

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Image and footage credits:

U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum
National Archives
U.S. Embassy Jerusalem
Reut Barnea
Tel Aviv-Jaffa Municipality Spokesperson
United Hatzalah
Dessi Herzberg
i24 News
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Israeli Government Press Office
Lazer Eli / Scoop Outdoor
Executive Producer:
— Barry Skolnick
Co-Executive Producer:
— Shmuel Katz
Translation credits:
Portuguese: Saymon Pires,, @safralivraria

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