Today I’m so excited because I will share with you How Orthodox Jewish Women Shop in Non Jewish Store for Modest Clothes as well as 5 Things We Look For to make sure an outfit is modest according our laws of modesty including what materials they are made of as some materials are forbidden to be worn according to Jewish customs.


Thank you for being here and have clicked on this video ! It means so much to me!

Being a religious Orthodox Jewish woman with small children while working full-time as a healthcare professional with no outside help! I share with you tips tricks, shortcuts , DIY, hacks,.. videos to help you celebrate shabbat/holidays, to better understands what are the pillars of Judaism, to discover many mysteries enclosed in the Torah as well as to see that it is possible to balance a family life, a career and the perceived challenges of being a religious jew at the same time without feeling lost nor overwhelmed “most of the time” LOL!

I post videos every week. Come and join me in this ride on how to be religiously YOU in a simple and fun way: Let’s frum it up!

Stay safe and blessed ๐Ÿ™‚

Sara Malka ๐Ÿ™‚