Anyone who opens the Talmud will see commentary written by Rabbi Shlomo Yitzchaki, better known as Rashi. In this episode we explore who Rashi was and why his writing has been considered a “guiding light” through the centuries.

The First Crusade was a dark time when non-Christians faced the choice of conversion or death. Born in 1040 in France, Rashi knew from a young age that he wanted to be a guiding light for the Jewish people. After learning from the leading sages of the time, Rashi became a vintner, joined the rabbinical court, and then founded his own yeshiva at the age of 30, where he began to write his commentary.

Rashi wrote a “simple” meaning of the text, making the Talmud more accessible for all readers. Although he died before he could complete his work, thanks to his daughters and their families, Rashi’s legacy has survived and prospered. His wisdom has guided Jews from the Dark Ages to today.

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