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Living in a society driven by relentless productivity can be draining, and we often find ourselves prioritizing ‘doing’ instead of taking the time to consider the purpose behind our actions. In this episode, I explore the concept of Shabbat, the Sabbath, and its profound potential to serve as an “oasis in time” dedicated to simply ‘being.’

00:00 What does “Muktzeh” mean?
00:34 Do mindfulness apps work?
02:42 A time to pause and “just be”
03:25 The 7-day cycle is unnatural
04:19 How to combat the obsession with “doing”
04:38 Being mindful of the purpose behind our actions
06:34 Taking a break from manipulating the world
07:00 Freezing reality is in time
08:41 Outro

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Executive Producers:
Shalom Schwartz
Nitzan Bergman

Gold Level:
Lauren & Ezra Kest
Charles Crane Family Foundation
In loving memory of Ezriel ben David z”l

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Stern and Gantz Families

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Cornberg Family

This video was co-produced by The Aseret Movement and OpenDor Media. The Aseret Movement is devoted to introducing and teaching people, regardless of affiliation, to the Ten Commandments as a simple and profound way to live a meaningful life. For more information go to
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