How do we make the second Commandment, “You shall have no other gods,” relevant in an age when the practice of idolatry is largely obsolete? In this episode, I seek to challenge our understanding of what truly counts as “idol worship” in today’s society. There is a fine line between sincere worship of God and ego-driven ritual, and only by reflecting on our ego’s worship of Self can we achieve true spiritual fulfillment and transcendence based on the worship of God alone.

00:00 What is the Spotlight Effect?
01:17 What is the 2nd Commandment?
02:05 How is idolatry relevant today?
02:43 The worship of the Self, the I, the Me
06:35 It’s all about the Ego
08:08 Consider why we do what we do
08:18 Spirituality as a refuge from ego
09:08 Outro

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Nitzan Bergman

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