This is a song about prenatal/perinatal loss. Read Julie’s Story here:

I Miss You appears on Julie’s album, You’re With Me:

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Video by TreeSongDate Productions, Denver, CO
Shot by Avraham Zohari

It’s that time of year
The long lazy summer days
When the light and the shadows play
On the river
And oh, that dense, hot air
How a breath of it brings me there
Just one breath of it
Brings me tumbling back
Into those places where
I miss you
Where I miss you

And when fireworks rain down
Besieging the darkened sky
As well as the fortress of my
Guarded heart
And oh, those smells, those sounds
Of life bursting all around
Just the sight of a newborn flower
Piercing through the tended ground
Makes me miss you
Makes me miss you

Can I stop the Earth form turning?
Can I stop the tides
So I don’t know when
When will I stop
Asking why?

So, when I’m inside these walls
And the tears flow so easily
When I think of what couldn’t be
Well, ot this time
And can you hear me call?
From amidst all the summer fun
And from all of the places to which I run
So I can’t feel at all
How much I miss you
Cause I miss you

©Julie Geller 2014

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