Meet Ari. Life was sweet as a man happily married and father to 3 beautiful young children in Israel. Until one day he found himself a young widower, struggling to be a single dad with kids, moving on after death. How do you become self-empowered when you’re just struggling to make it through the day as a single parent father? How do you come back from the shock and pain of knowing your love has died and will never return? In this important and meaningful video in Jerusalem U’s Hear Me Roar series, Ari shares some poignant and powerful thoughts on getting through seemingly endless pain, and seeing light on the other side. “If I had not fallen I would not have picked myself up. If I did not sit in darkness I would not have seen the light.” – Orchot Tzadikim, Shaar Ha-Teshuvah Meet more young Jewish heroes who have overcome staggering obstacles to reveal their inner strength – click SUBSCRIBE and then click the bell icon. Now you’ll receive email updates. Watch the rest of our Hear Me Roar series: