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I’m a Denver native, I was born and raised right here
There’s nothin like the Mile Hi City to fill you with good cheer
But I’ve lived around the world as well, from the West Coast to the East
And there’s just one thing we’re missing here so let me say my piece

We got Ikea
We got Cabela’s
We got Peyton Manning and all those fellas
We got our bike sharing and car sharing too
We’ll never have the ocean but there’s nothing we can do
But we still don’t have folks selling food in Hawaiin shirts

So I’m camping out (she’s camping out!)
at Trader Joe’s (at Trader Joe’s!)
Waiting for the day these doors will finally open because I love it so
Can’t wait no more (she can’t wait no more!)
Let me in the door! (Let her in the door!)
Got some money in my pocket
Gonna buy out all the chocolate
Waiting for me in this store

Let’s talk about those samples, cuz it’s always stuff I want
And I love the way they ring those bells when they need some help up front
I’ve been proudly toting my Trader Joes bags that I got in Portland, Or
And now within a mile of my home is the first Colorado store!

Want two buck chuck?
Well you’re in luck!
Enjoy cookie butter?
Like everyone and their mother!
Wanna bring some meat in?
Whatever you like eatin’
And I’ll still buy the chocolate chips even though they’re no longer vegan


So I’m just gonna sit here until they open up
I got my tea from Steep next door like liquid gold in a cup
I hope to be the first one in cuz I know there’s no way
They’ll fit every Denverite into the store on that first day

Til then I’ll be…..
Dreaming of organic brown rice noodles
Followed by Soft Baked Snickerdoodles
Creamy Blueberry Vanilla Chèvre
Blintzes and hummus for the whole chevra!
Wash it all down with some Soy Milk Extra
And when they open up I’ll be the first to text ya
Till then I’ll be in my tent


Music and lyrics by Julie Geller (www.JulieGeller.com)
Video produced by TreeSongDate Productions, Denver, CO

Watch I’m Camping Out at Trader Joe’s here: http://youtu.be/ZanPK09eneQ