It’s time for another Coronavirus / Covid-19 / Quarantine related song to keep our morale up! This time I have dubbed over one of my favorite Disney Scenes – Under The Sea from The Little Mermaid! ENJOY!!! Instagram @markodea8


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I can’t take self isolation anymore
I need some fresh air, and to be free!

Come back now!

Ariel listen to me
The outside world is a mess
Life in isolation is more fun than you think

The outdoors may look much greener
But right now it is not safe
You dream about going out there
But that is a big mistake
Just look at the world around us
People coughing everywhere
You don’t want to catch this virus
So you’ve got to stay right here

In quarantine
From COVID-19
It’s way more cleaner
Germs cant come near ya
Take it from me
Out on the streets, you cannot play
Cos you must stay two metres away
Self isolation helps save the nation
In quarantine

We don’t have to put on lipstick
Cos we’re not allowed to kiss
Just stay in and binge on Netflix
Or you’ll end up like this fish
Poor Freddie went outside today
He thought he could break the law
But now he don’t feel okay
I should have just stayed indoors

In quarantine
Keep your hands clean
You can wear no clothes
You won’t feel exposed
Enjoy and be free
Tidy our bedroom learn to cook
If you get bored then read a book
Skype all your buddies
Do online studies
In quarantine

Stock up toilet paper
You’ll need that for later
But don’t take from me
Wash those hands daily
Sanitize greatly
Keep social distance
To save our existence
Life in isolation
Can help save the nation
From COVID-19