The inspirational story of Rabbi Yehuda Dukes as he battled COVID-19 in NYC – new short documentary by Leibman Productions.

Miracles are hard to come by, not because of their frequency, but our lack of ability to identify them. Rabbi Dukes’ story takes us through his journey, but if we look deeper one can uncover the greater impact his life has had on others.

“Chesed”, no matter how small, creates ripple effects that extend beyond our mortal imaginations, and reach places and people past our finite understanding. The work and light that Rabbi Dukes brought to this world lives on and continues to inspire and multiply.

To honor his legacy a campaign was launched through his organization, JNet, where Jews across the world can learn about Judaism one-on-one with a study partner (chavrusa) for free! Visit​ to sign up!

Throughout the journey his wife, Sarah Spangenthal Dukes, documented every step of the way on her social media.