Have you ever walked down the street in Tel Aviv, longing for a “Slurpee”? Well, you just may be in luck in the near future.

According to many news sources, advanced talks are taking place to bring 7-Eleven to the Holy Land.

Gobes reports that “Electra Consumer Products, headed by Zvika Shwimmer. reported that it was in talks with 7-Eleven on a memorandum of understanding concerning a franchise for developing and operating convenience stores under the brand in Israel, through a special purpose vehicle. Listed fashion group Fox is due to join the franchise agreement.”

When 7-Eleven enters a new market, Globes reports, they go big – with no fewer than 100 stores required to open in the country. Israel is planning about 250 locations for the convenience store giant.

“Unlike the convenience stores that already operate in Israel, such as Yellow, So Good, and Menta, which are mainly at fuel stations,” Gobes explains, “7-Eleven operates in city centers, at corners of main thoroughfares, at railway stations, office sites, as well as fuel stations, and it will thus also compete with the urban formats of the large supermarket chains.”

Dreams of “Slurpees” could be premature, however. The product line-up for 7-Eleven Israel has yet to be determined, with local tastes and Kashrut concerns to play a role in what Israeli stores will offer. Still, organizers hope that increased competition will lower prices at convenience stores nationwide.

Are you excited for 7-Eleven to come to Israel?

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