The terms “Sephardic” and “Mizrachi” are often used interchangeably, so what is the difference between these two groups? While “Sephardic” can refer to Iberian origins or a specific set of Jewish ritual practices, and “Mizrachi” historically referred to all non-Ashkenazi Israelis, the choice of which descriptor Jews from the Middle East and North Africa choose to identify with is often even more complicated than that.

00:00 Intro
00:50 What does “Sephardic” mean?
01:20 What does “Mizrachi” mean?
01:45 The Sephardic school of thought
02:26 The Spanish Inquisition and spread of Sephardic customs
03:40 The ugly roots of the term “Mizrachi”
06:00 Reclaiming the term “Mizrachi”
06:11 Why “Sephardic” and “Mizrachi” get lumped together
06:33 Mizrachi influence on Israeli culture and politics
09:06 The overlap of Sephardic and Mizrachi identities
10:23 How identities are shaped and the unity of the Jewish People

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