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I am so excited to present you with another acapella!
This song is a cover of Ishay Ribo`s song “Achat U`letamid” .

This time I chose to go with a black and white concept for the video.
It felt especially right because of the difficult time we`ve all been through lately.

This is a intimate monologue with G-d about our most truthful inner feelings.
Sometimes we distance ourselves from him because we`re having a hard time understanding his ways.
But when our relationship with G-d is not an open one, it`s like living in the shadows.
But we`ve got to remember,
G-d is always on our side.
No need to hide…
I hope you enjoy this song and find it meaningful,
❤ Chaya

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אני כל כך מרוגשת להגיש לכן את השיר הווקאלי החדש שלי!
הפעם החלטתי ללכת על קונספט שחור לבן.
זה הרגיש לי כל כך מתאים אחרי התקופה הלא פשוטה שכולנו עברנו עכשיו.
זה מונולוג אינטימי של בן אדם שמספר את רגשותיו האמיתיים והפנימיים ביותר לבורא שלו.
לכולנו יש תקופות שאנחנו מרגישים קצת יותר מורחקים מה` בגלל שקשה לנו להבין את דרכיו.
אבל כשהקשר שלנו איתו לא פתוח, זה כמו לחיות בצללים.
צריך תמיד לזכור,
הוא בצד שלנו!
אני מקווה שתהני מהשיר,
ושנפנים כולנו עת המילים.
❤ חיה

According to jewish tradition, men aren`t permitted to hear women sing (Who aren`t immediate family).
Being on the internet open to everyone, I kindly request your consideration for my religious practice.
I create my music “By women for women”.
Thank you!

This moment again
Me, you and my creator
I can`t look away anymore
I have no more excuses
I got lost in a crowded market
And in the deep sea
But I know you will never give up on me

I ran away from you again
to the mountains like a fool
I built around myself walls,
Towers, inner rooms
But the truth is
I`m far from perfect
Nothing can be hidden from you
Living and existent king

And I want to fulfill your will as your will
Truthfully and innocently
Once and for all
Without screens or masks
Without wanting to satisfy
Truthfully and innocently
Once and for all.

Music arrangement: Sruli Broncher
Recording, Mix & Mastering: Sruli Broncher
Recorded at: Tenor studios- Michael Tzi

Videographer: Betzalel Cohen
Directing, Editing, After: Sruli Broncher
Filmed at : Melon Studios

“Achat U`letamid” originally sung by Ishay Ribo:

Thanks for watching friends!
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