As pressure mounts on Israel to end the war in Gaza – with even Prince William today calling for an end to the fighting – Piers Morgan Uncensored invites two of our most passionate contributors to debate the topic, Jewish scholar Dr Norman Finkelstein and Rabbi Shmuley.

00:00 Introduction
1:34 Where are we in this war?
3:41 Rabbi Shmuley attacks Norman Finkelstein
6:40 Is Israel committing genocide?
8:19 Finkelstein fights back
11:09 The ICJ and ‘Jewish dementia’ jibe
13:27 “Many people don’t see an end game”
16:10 “If Israel is so precise, why is it killing so many children?”
17:43 What’s the cost of waging a war?
24:55 Benjamin Netanyahu – when will it be ‘mission accomplished’?
29:02 “Do you think Hamas should still be in power?”
39:57 “It doesn’t mean he doesn’t believe what he says!”

Editor’s note: This debate contains personal accusations about Professor Finkelstein’s prior comments on his parents. They were made in an interview on Piers Morgan Uncensored, and you can view them in full here:

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