I wrote this song almost half my life ago. It was innitially inspired by the ancient prayer chant (from the Chabad custom) of “Birkhat Kohanim”, the Priestly (Aaronic) Blessing. I never put it out there as I never felt fully able to stand behind it so I told myself all kinds of excuses like “the world doesn’t my take on jewish music” and “I’ll make music which is more universal instead”. Today, on the day where there would usually be tens of thousands of people from all over the globe flocking to the western wall In Jerusalem for the annual global blessing/ceremony, this actually feels more universal than anything I’ve ever done in my life. I am ready. I hope it’s not presumptuous to say that I deeply feel that the world is more ready for it than we have ever been.

P.s This is track #1 from an entire Album called “Poetry of Prayer” so stay tuned for more.

Praying deeply with you all. With Love from NY